Monday, 2 December 2013

Law of Attraction - Find the Blessings in Your Current Situation

Have you ever been broke?  I mean really broke? The kind of broke where you are staring at a big fat zero on your bank balance, where you don’t know how you are going to pay your bills and it feels like you’ll never see another penny come your way again?  If you have been there, then you will understand only too well that feeling of deep gnawing panic that you get in your gut and the overwhelming sense of total despair and failure that you experience.  Surely this can’t be happening to you right?

Cherry blossom in spring
Abundance is all around us

So you might have spent more than you earned every month, taken on bit more debt than you could really handle, or things might have happened that you weren’t anticipating like losing your job, your marriage breaking up or not earning for a few months because you were sick.  It is a time when we look desperately for solutions and sometimes do stupid things that dig us even deeper into the financial mire.  But if we can damp down the rising panic long enough, then just maybe we can see that however terrible things may look on the surface we also now have an opportunity to transform our situation and lives through using spiritual laws and by utilising the principles of the Law of Attraction.

The foundation of the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like; so it is what you are, what you believe and what you think about that creates your physical reality on this earth plane.  So if you are broke, then changing how you feel about money, abundance and getting the things you need and want is what is going to move you forward to the rich and fulfilling life that you deserve.  But where do you start? How do you change the way you think about money and boost your feelings of self worth overnight?

Perhaps surprisingly one of the best ways is to find the blessings in your current situation. Yes, one of the very best ways to kick start the process is to identify what is good about your current situation and give appreciation and gratitude for what you already have and what you have already created.  Now you are probably howling indignantly at what I have just said and are calling me all kinds of unflattering names for even suggesting that there could be anything that could possibly be appreciated in the current wreckage that is your life.  But humour me for a bit and let’s take a look at some of the things that maybe you have overlooked that you can thank the Universe for or lessons you have learned and wisdom that you have acquired from going through the tough times you are going through.

1)      Maybe what you are going through has led you to a deeper appreciation of the things that you do have and has brought you into a deeper state of appreciation for things that you may have taken for granted in the past?

2)      Maybe you have realised how few material things you actually really need or want?  Is this a good opportunity to clear the junk out of your home, leaving a good, clean space for new, better things to come into your life?

3)      Maybe being temporarily broke has made you think about how much money you have frittered away in the past and not having much money has taught you to spend the money you do have more wisely?

4)      Maybe going through some financially tough times yourself has given you a greater empathy for the many people in our world who have never had enough food, shelter or medical care in their lives? Perhaps this has led you to enrich your life by raising funds, volunteering or working to eliminate poverty in our world?

5)      Maybe this is the beginning of the understanding that you can create a state of peace and happiness for yourself whatever may or may not be happening in your external world and appreciating that your internal world is forever peaceful, loving and abundant

6)      Maybe you have learned that although you are yearning for the return of the good times, that the challenging times you are living through have been a much richer seam of learning and growth for you?

7)      Maybe your bad financial situation has made you stop to think about how the world economy works and the role that money plays in all our lives for the first time?  It could be that you have started to review your beliefs and morals surrounding money and how you acquire it?  Do you think that the world’s economy is totally out of balance and needs a new paradigm? Could you become a catalyst for moving forward towards a fairer, more sustainable financial system for us all?

8)      Maybe it has made you examine what you really want money for?  Do you want money just for the sake of having money in the bank or is it something more?  Personally, it made me realise that I want money because it gives me freedom – freedom to do the work I love and live how I choose.  So what does money really mean to you?

9)      Maybe your situation is teaching you about patience and trust? Teaching you that abundance and financial security has already been created for you but that it has just not yet manifested into your material world?

10)   Maybe it has made you realise and truly appreciate that having people that love and care about you is more important than having money? That giving your love is much more important than giving money?

11)   Maybe being broke has brought you to an understanding that abundance is not just about money? True abundance is about getting up in the morning with a heart that is singing with joy, is about love, is about feeling rich when you walk through the woods on a sunny day, is about cuddling your children, is about almost anything that makes you want to skip, dance, giggle and give thanks

12)   Maybe before you looked down on people that you considered to be poor, as you believed back then that having a bigger house, car and bank balance made you the better person? Perhaps you have now found a new respect for people who live lives that are not centred on the acquisition of money and possessions?

13)   Maybe you have seen how lucky you are that the only problem you are currently experiencing is cash flow manifestation?  If everything else is fine, then you are truly lucky and blessed.

14)   Maybe your despair about being broke has led you to do a lot of inner work and meditation for the very first time, which is leading you towards manifesting many wonderful things in your life?

So learning to be grateful for the things that you already have is the key to moving towards a more abundant future.  Counting the blessings in your current situation, however bad your finances currently are, is the key to moving forwards and to manifesting those things that will really enrich your life and bring you happiness and joy.

Monday, 25 November 2013

And The Old Year is Dying - A Reflection for the Coming New Year

And The Old Year Is Dying

And the old year is dying
As once more the sun stands still in the sky
Offering only darkness
Where once its golden light it spilled

And far below we watch with bated breath
Stoking our fires ever higher
Desperate for the year to turn again
The sun to resume its procession across the sky

Is this the year that will never be born?
Stuck forever in shadows and black of deepest night?
Keep your faithful watch in the hushed darkness
Listen for the whisper, the faintest promise of light

Sunset over the Ord River, The Kimberley, WA

This is the time of year when it feels as though the whole world has stopped turning.  In the northern hemisphere for a few days after the Winter Solstice on December 21st the sun appears to be standing still in the sky. This stillness used to fill our ancestors with fear and dread, as they needed the sun to start moving again so that it would return to warm the land once more, allowing their crops to grow and the animals they hunted to breed. They filled these days of darkness with festivals of light, building huge bonfires on hilltops, feasting and filling their homes with fragrant evergreens.

As we approach the end of yet another year, are you pleased with what you have achieved over the last twelve months, the steps you have taken along your spiritual path?  Are you working with love and the light to help usher in a wonderful new age of increased peace, tolerance and spirituality?

So as you are raising your glass to make a toast over this coming Christmas and New Year and making your resolutions, think of how you would like this coming New Year to unfold and choose accordingly.  For if our world is to be a peaceful one, each one of us needs to find that peace and serenity within ourselves and reflect it outwards.  If we want to help to usher in a new age of light, then we must expand that little spark of light that shines deep inside us, until the whole world is illuminated with peace and joy.

Sunset at Kalbarri,Western Australia

As the sun goes down every day, take a moment to pause. Reflect on all the things that you have experienced during that day and be thankful. Take some deep breaths and be at peace.